Updated: November 30, 2023

Should You Use Anti-Ransomware Software to Protect Your Server? Desktop? Or Both?

Zebra Ransomware Stopper (ZRS) is a powerful anti-ransomware tool that provides protection for Windows desktops and servers. Clients of ZebraHost have found peace of mind by installing ZRS on their main production server. However, it’s important to note that hackers often target user desktops as an easier point of entry rather than directly attacking the server.

While some users may overlook desktop protection since the server hosts sensitive business data, it’s essential to recognize that desktops can serve as gateways to the server or cause significant disruptions if compromised.

Given the versatility of ZRS, the question arises: Should you install ZRS on the desktop, server, or both? If you can only pick a desktop or server to protect, which takes priority?

Your Desktop

Your desktop might not contain the most sensitive data available to a hacker, but it can act as an important gateway to locations with more sensitive data. Desktops can easily be infiltrated due to human error like opening a malvertisement or phishing email. Once this happens, hackers can scrape credentials or otherwise learn to access sensitive systems.

Zebra Ransomware Stopper only protects against encryption, it does not protect against spying or scraping malware. However, hackers often simply go for encrypting access points like desktops because it’s the point of least resistance.

Hackers could simply lock access to the network of desktops so that your business no longer has the means to access critical systems. Your business could be cut off from processing payments, checking important files, and more. This poses a serious argument in favor of also putting at least minimum protection on your desktop systems to avoid a potentially fatal business interruption.

Your Server

The server is often the system hosting the most critical business assets such as databases, websites, or web applications. Failing to keep these running 24/7 can be fatal for any business.

Hackers understand the importance of servers and will try to infiltrate through means like phishing, social engineering, and brute force RDP attacks. You absolutely need to defend your server with dedicated anti-ransomware protection like ZRS. You should also make sure you have a fully configured security stack complete with firewall, 2FA, and active directory. Access should be limited to only those that require access to perform their duties.

The Argument for Protecting Both Desktop and Server

Given that taking down either the desktop of server can lead to a fatal level of downtime for your business and loss of customer trust, it would make sense to defend both desktops, and your server.

If your business cannot access critical data from your servers via desktops, your business will not function. Similarly, if your server is down, your desktops will not be of much use.

While you should protect both your desktops and servers, if you must pick one or the other, we would still ultimately recommend protecting your server. Hackers like to go after sensitive data so they can threaten to sell or delete it. Therefore, the server will still be the most valuable, and crippling target.

Protecting Both Desktops and Servers is Very Affordable

Zebra Ransomware Stopper starts at $5/mo per endpoint, which makes it one of the most affordable cybersecurity products on the market. Further discounts are available depending on how many endpoints you add, which can include both desktops and servers. For example, a business with 20+ endpoints will only pay $3/mo per endpoint.

If you would like to learn about Zebra Ransomware’s powerful anti-ransomware capabilities including discovering the initial point of attack, signatureless detection, and ease of installation, check out our page detailing benefits or Zebra Ransomware Stopper.

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