Top level domains refer to the type of domain you have. Examples include .net, .com, etc. Most top level domains (TLD) can be registered without providing any sort of verification. But there are some top level domains like .law or country specific TLDs that require extra verification.

The reason is that legally, ICAAN, the body that administrates domains and the registrars that distribute them, wants domains tied to certain professionals or organizational entities to be reserved for licensed professionals. This encourages trust between clients and online experts.

The .law TLD is an example of an industry specific TLD that requires additional verification.

What Are the Requirements to Register a .LAW Top Level Domain?

When you try to register a .law domain you will be required to provide the following to your domain registrar:

  • Lawyer accreditation ID
  • Lawyer accreditation body that issued the lawyer accreditation ID
  • Accreditation year
  • Country accredited in
  • The specific region/state of the counry lawyer is accredited in

Lawyer Accreditation ID

A lawyer accreditation ID is a set of several digits assigned to a lawyer. the lawyer accredication is assigned by their local state agency. This means that a lawter accreditation ID is going to be local to the area where a lawyer practices law. But regardless of where a lawyer practices law, they should have an ID composed of a series of digits.

Accreditation Body that Issued the ID

This will vary depending on where a lawyer is from. Different nations and regions will have a different accreditation structure. In the United States for example, the accreditation body is the American BAR Association.

Accreditation Year

Simply state the year the lawyer was accredited.

Country Accredited In

Simply write the name of the country the lawyer is accredited in. For example, United States, Canada, Nigeria etc.

The specific Region/State of the Country the Lawyer is Accredited In

Lawyers most commonly can only practice law within a specific region or state of their country. For example, a lawyer might be licensed to practice in North Carolina, USA which means that unless they have also been authorized to work in another specific state, they cannot.

Providing the specific region allows the registrar to make sure that the region and country match with the proper accreditation body.


Registering a .law domain is not difficult as long as you can provide the proper information. Have the aforementioned information ready when checking out to ensure a quick checkout. Even if you add a domain to your cart, your purchase won’t be completed until the registrar can submit your responses. This means the quicker you can submit your accreditation information, the better chance you have of securing your domain.

The registrar might manually check the information you submitted regarding your accreditation. Make sure any information submitted regarding your accreditation is valid, if not, your domain purchase will not go through and your transaction might be marked as fraudulent.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of special domains like .law or country specific TLDs, please contact us here.

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