Application development is commonly seen as a mechanical task focused solely on coding efficiency. However, this viewpoint overlooks the essential qualities of a great developer. In reality, developers heavily rely on critical thinking, much like professionals in other fields. Our experience working with exceptional application developers in various sectors such as healthcare, energy, and finance has revealed numerous instances where developers must assume project management responsibilities and consider how their applications can support their clients’ objectives. Being a developer entails a job that heavily relies on critical thinking. The finest developers not only possess proficiency in development tools and code but also possess a deep understanding of their clients’ ultimate goals.

Code Doesn’t Write Itself

Every interaction you have with a web application involves a skilled and thoughtful developer behind the scenes. Code is the foundation that enables the application and its components to function together seamlessly. However, it is the responsibility of a developer to assemble and integrate all the elements.

There has been considerable debate regarding the potential for AI to replace developer jobs. While there may be some truth to this notion, certain developers engage in low-level tasks that AI could potentially handle. For instance, a developer who creates basic 2D, monochrome games like Pong may be substituted by AI-generated code. However, when it comes to making creative decisions such as adding colors, effects, and game modes, AI faces challenges. At this point, a developer with a broader understanding of the desired outcome of the code becomes essential.

Development Involves Numerous Creative Decisions

Clients often have a vision of their desired outcome, such as creating an attractive website to promote their vacation rental house. However, they often lack an understanding of good design principles and best practices. This is where a developer’s role extends beyond technical skills. They must possess sufficient knowledge of design and best practices to ensure the website looks appealing.

One might argue that for such a project, one could simply use a pre-made theme, which could potentially be generated by AI. However, businesses cannot solely rely on a default purchased theme for their final website. Modifications and unique design choices are always necessary. A developer must recommend specific design choices based on usability while adjusting the theme’s code structure to accommodate those changes.

Developers Need Great Communication Skills

Communication and collaboration are vital aspects of critical thinking, particularly when working towards a shared objective with others. As contractors, developers often encounter clients who may not have a comprehensive understanding of their own requirements, necessitating a consultancy role. Similarly, developers working within organizations must establish effective communication channels with both management and their internal teams.

Developers who possess strong communication skills tend to foster greater satisfaction among clients or supervisors. By effectively conveying ideas, clarifying expectations, and fostering clear dialogue, these developers contribute to improved outcomes and stronger relationships.

Developers are Problem Solvers

Developers are commonly perceived as having a predominantly mechanical job, which is sometimes viewed as vulnerable to AI. However, their role requires extensive employment of critical thinking for various tasks, such as problem-solving, effective communication, and making creative decisions.

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